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Professional Marketing Council

This council is for those interested in learning and collaborating with marketing peers on a monthly basis. It is also an avenue to share marketing tips and ideas with the general RBA membership.

What's Happening Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 3

Diving Deep into Marketing Communications

The Professional Marketing Council continues to provide its members with informative and interactive conversations when it meets monthly on the campus of RCC. With more than 30 active members, our meetings feature lively discussions around various aspects of the industry. This month, Suzanne Copeland led an interactive talk on content marketing. We explored how, despite the varying industries that the members reside, there are always commonalities in the marketing world. By having a variety of organizations and companies represented each month, we are always learning new ways to approach marketing problems and projects.

In September, member Josh Wolfe of Skypunch Creative, led a discussion on the nuances between sales & marketing and how they support each other. This topic was so well received, we decided to turn it into our next public event, which is scheduled for December 5.

Unleashing the Revenue Powerhouse: Sales & Marketing

December 5, 2017, the PMC is excited to bring to the RBA a special panel discussion titled:

Confirmed panel members include:

  • Joseph Rand, VP of Innovation, Rand Realty;
  • George Repic, Business Chair, Rockland Community College;
  • Susan Unger, Sales Guru & Door Opener Consultant.

It will be held at the Crestview Conference Center in West Nyack at 8:30 am.


What's Happening Newsletter - July 2017

It’s been one year since the inception of the Professional Marketing Council and we continue to grow and serve our members.

Our anniversary meeting, held on June 27, was a celebratory gathering meant to mark the one year milestone and continue conversations where we learn and grow from each other. After some delicious food and networking, the group gathered to hear from Lawyer Judith Bachman, Esq., on the legal issues of marketing on and offline. It was a very interactive discussion and we learned a lot! Thank you to Judy for all of your insights and advice.

We also started discussing our next general membership event for the RBA, which will be held in the fall. We will be revealing the topic of that event shortly, so keep your eye out!

As always, if you are a businessperson looking for marketing tips/help, drop us a note with a suggested event topic and we will pursue it. And, if you are a marketing or communications professional that has not yet gotten involved with our group – please feel free to join us at our next meeting, which will be on September 26.

Power of Social Media and Email Marketing, March 2017

Professional Marketing Council held an informative meeting on the Power of Social Media and Email Marketing on March 22, 2017 featuring Alex Hollywood, Constant Contact's Regional Development Director - Northeast. 

Points covered were:  How to build your email list, increase website traffic, strengthen relationships and build brand loyalty.   Following the presentation were roundtable discussions led by members of the RBA Professional Marketing Council.

Power of Social Media & Email Marketing

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October 2016 Professional Marketing Council Seminar

Social Media Workshop poster for Rockland Business Association

The October 17th  Professional Marketing Council's seminar "Grow Your Business Through Social Media: Strategies, Tactics and Basic Tips" attracted many attendees. 

Groups formed to share info. Shown left to right are Susan Wilmink, Julie Wendholt, Rick LaFauve, Abigail Hunte, Una Baker and David Scharf.

Groups formed to share info. Shown left to right are Susan Wilmink, Julie Wendholt, Rick LaFauve, Abigail Hunte, Una Baker and David Scharf

Kyla Basso, Bill Madden and Suzanne Copeland, social media panelists

Each participate learned something new from the expert panel including: Kyla Basso, Edgewood Country Club; Bill Madden, SUEZ, and Suzanne Copeland, Sterling National Bank. 

Anne Byne and Amanda Holt compare notes after meeting.
Anne Byne and Amanda Holt compare notes after meeting.

Thank you Ann Byne, The Byne Group, for leading this council and facilitating. We also thank Holt Construction for their sponsorship.


The mission of the RBA’s Professional Marketing Council is to grow and support the professional enrichment of RBA members in the marketing field.

In addition, as a service to all RBA members, this council will create general membership events three times a year that provide marketing support and guidance through panel presentations, roundtable events, and other formats.

For Marketing Department Personnel, Agency Owners, Executives and Managers

Chair: Ann Byne, The Byne Group

Members should be:

  • Individuals who work in the marketing department of a company or organization (all levels)
  • Marketing agency executives, managers, vice presidents, owners